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A hundred years

During the last hundred years
my heart has belonged to you,
my soul has been yours,
my spirit in you remains.
Today the day dawns
rainy, as I cradled in tears,
very conducive to our celebration.
Over the next hundred years
I will be yours
and I shall always be,
because our souls are eternal
and are linked by the heart beat.
Today is a special day,
and therefore I want to congratulate you.
Fly Free Olcan Finnegan McEvoy,
you will have to return.

28 april 1916 – 28 april 2016

Sackville st  (O’Connell st) during the heat of the battle 28/04/1916. Easter rising

It was freezing although it it did not seem. The noise of the incessant fire was doing that the night was a day and the cold of the early spring frozen heat. On top of Sackville Street[1], we were lasting nabbed in the ardent barricade opposite to the Parnell monument. It seemed to me to see how the very same Parnell was gathering the astonished bridge of the nose while unshakable Nelson[2] was staggering from the heights with his hieratic silhouette surrounded with a spectral brilliancy, cutting away the night that was going to change every day future. Never again I will be able to forget that 1916 Easter when I was 22.  The one who writes this narrative of memories, Olcán Finnegan, son of Neil and Molly. Teacher in St Enda’s school.

The brilliancy and the night … On April 28, 1916.

The charm that the picture was provoking me broke abruptly with Sean’s shout.

  • Oh my God! Let’s go from here, which sinks!

In effect, the wall of the old Georgian house, I believe that once it was inhabited by the prosperous marriage Henry, that had protected us till then was collapsing on our heads after the explosion of an accurate gunshot of the English artillery. Dust, pieces of rubble, glazing rushing … We flee from there with the death after us. We were not thinking, only we were running. I was surpassing them of a body without wanting it. It had always been the first one in the careers for the riverside of the Big Channel where the boys used to challenging ourselves. And for deducted also, the first one of St Enda, where as […]”

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Notable people who owns The Bard’s song / La canción del bardo

Durante estos cien años

mi corazón te ha pertenecido,

mi alma ha sido tuya,

mi espíritu en ti permanece.

Hoy el día amanece

lluvioso, como mecido en llanto,

muy propicio para nuestra celebración.

Durante los próximos cien años

tuya seré

y por siempre lo habré de ser,

porque nuestras almas eternas son

y laten enlazadas por el corazón.

Hoy es un día especial,

y por ello te quiero felicitar.

Vuela libre Ólcan Finnegan McEvoy,

habrás de regresar.

28 de abril de 1916 – 28 de abril de 2016

El noi del carrer Abbey

I see you at the Liffey water

Once upon in Dublin



Irish Rebellion War
Rebel prisoners being marched out of Dublin by British Soldiers May 1916 

By the way…To the shit fuck it.





Easter rising Centenary

Easter Rising Centenary. Ireland. Mar 26 2016Mar 29 2016

Easter rising lily, my devoted tribute to the heros

With the launch of an extensive programme of events, Easter 2016 brings about a massive commemoration centred in the city where the Easter Rising took place 100 years ago, Dublin.

Aunque no coinciden con las fechas reales (24 de abril – 29 de abril de 1916), en toda Irlanda y especialamente en Dublín se conmemora el Centenario del Levantamiento de Pascua, donde los héroes de Irlanda se rebelaron y consiguieron cambiar las cosas para siempre, a pesar de dejarse, la mayoría, la vida en ello.

Ellos dieron su vida por la libertad y en estos días se les rinde sentido tributo y homenaje en su tierra, pero yo creo que su ejemplo debe servir para todo el mundo y que jamás deben ser olvidados.

Mi sentida contribución es “La canción del bardo”. Me enorgullece y emociona explicar que se cuenta en el catálogo de libros en idioma extranjero de las Bibliotecas de Dublín. Hoy y siempre mi sentido tributo a Ólcan Finnegan, el joven dublinés que junto a los suyos fue un rebelde de Irlanda y luchó por la libertad.

Úna Fingal_11
Úna Fingal



La canción del bardo


Sobre La Canción del Bardo